Weight Loss

Get in the best shape of your life,
for the rest of your life...
with help from the best. It’s time to improve your health, get the body
you’ve always wanted, and say goodbye to dieting forever.

What you can expect from the program
Within 12 months, we’ll help you get into the best shape of your life — and stay that way for good.
Get the body you've always wanted.
Lose weight, build strength, have more energy. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get there. By the end of 12 months you’ll be in better shape than you thought possible. 
Never diet again.
Instead of another complex diet program to follow, get ready to have one less thing to worry about. We’ll sweat the details so you can breathe easily and focus only on the next step in front of you.
Small practices. Massive results.
We’ll break your complex nutritional goals into small, strategic daily practices that add up to massive body transformation. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime.
Nutrition that fits into your life.
We’ll start with you — your life, needs, and goals. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you eat and live better — in a way that fits into your real, everyday life.
Guidance from a world-class coach.
We’ll match you with a coach who will give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. We will help you stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you.
Backed by science. Proven with real people.
Our coaching methods have been tested and proven with nearly 50,000 clients to date. We’re constantly tweaking and improving our program based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research.
Want some help?
Once a month we accept a limited amount of new clients in our Precision Nutrition Pro Coach Program, where we coach men and women to help them eat better and improve their health.

Since we can only work with a small percentage of the people who express interest in our programs, when we open up spots, they usually sell out within days. That’s why, if you’re interested in working with us, it’s important to place your name on our VIP list below as you will learn about open enrollments 24 hours before anyone else increasing your chances of getting a spot.
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I have been overweight most of my adult life. I have tried countless diets without ever reaching my goal and without even maintaining what I did lose. I never thought it was the plan I always thought it was me. I must not have followed it exact enough, I must not have exercised enough.It must be me because other people are losing on it.

Precision Nutrition is a totally different program than anything I have ever encountered. I feel like it is personalized to what my needs and goals are.
This is a fast paced world where we all want instant gratification and results.

The pace of this program makes you slow down and think about what you are learning and what your own reasons are for doing this. It focuses on one skill at a time before moving on. It is much less daunting to focus on one small change at a time. 

I didn’t get overweight in one day or even one year so it only makes sense to slow the process down to lose weight and learn the correct way to eat. Some of the information I have heard in other programs but this approach explains why it’s important and offers many suggestions how to make it work.
So far since I started this program I have noticed I am not hungry! I do not feel that I am denied any specific food but I am finding I look at those foods differently. (Do I really want it, if I do is there a way to make it more healthy?)

I have noticed an increase in energy. Fast food and sweets have always called my name. I am finding they are not as tempting as they used to be.
For the first time in my life I am starting to feel in control of food instead of it controlling me. I am looking forward to my transformation from this program.
-Barbara B.

I was unsure in the beginning of Precision Nutrition and a bit reserved with my journal comments (comments within the program) and most of all my measurements, weight and photos but the best thing I did was to follow along and do it, as hard as it was there it was right in front of me.  

The daily sessions the program provides have been both informative and in some cases eye opening for me. After trying pretty much every diet out there (all telling us different things to eat and what not to eat) I was so surprised to see I can eat what I like and not have to feel deprived. If I want rice I can have some wheat rice, if I want pasta I can have wheat pasta. Of course, it’s all in moderation but just the fact that I can have it makes the cravings for it diminish. I am 13 weeks in and I can honestly say I am down in both weight and inches. I even updated my pictures online and I can see the changes, it is amazing. I feel so much better about what I am eating and how I am preparing my meals. The prep ahead is key for me. Every Sunday I prepare for the week so there is no pressure as to what we will be eating. I have had my moments leading up to week 13 but that’s it they were just moments. 

This program is not only helping me lose weight, but it is changing my lifestyle. Along with this program, the support of our coaches at Everybody’s Fitness I feel that there is no failure in sight only progress. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for change in a fun, informative and challenging way. This program makes you take a good hard look at yourself but also turns those negatives into positives by looking at alternatives. Take a shot, it’s worth it 😊
-Cheryl C

Precision Nutrition Coaching 

A practice-based formula for helping clients change their lives.
By John Berardi, Ph.D.

For over a decade, people have wondered exactly how Precision Nutrition gets such remarkable—and sustainable—results with clients. Today the step-by-step formula is revealed.

Ever seen someone change their life? Dramatic weight loss, muscle gain, or any other impressive transformation can seem like magic. But there’s a science to it.

At Precision Nutrition, we’re pros at the process of skill development. This is our no-longer-secret formula to helping people attain their goals, and sustain those results. EFC has Pro Coaches ready to help you.

Here’s how we help people eat, move, and live better.

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