Who Said You Can't Have It All At a Great Price?
Look at everything you get when you join EFC today...
Get a 7 Day Free Trial
Lifetime Price Lock
When you become a member of EFC, your monthly fee gets locked in for life. No need to worry about escalating fitness fees because we keep your price fixed.
No Contract
If you're the type of person who does not like to be locked into a contract, you'll enjoy our no contract option. Enjoy the best club in the area month to month.
No Initiation Options
Get a No Initiation Fee option when you join EFC today. Ask one of our staff how we can  waive the initiation fee. One more reason to join the club.
Money Back Guaranty
When you join the club, you'll get a 100% money back guarantee for the 1st 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied we'll provide you with a full refund.
24/7 Access
Each club has surveillance and allows for 24/7 access which means you can workout whenever you want. Just use your key tag to get in and you're good to go.
Staffed 7 Days
Auburn is staffed 7 days a week and Sturbridge 6 days with nationally certified coaches and a friendly team. 
Ride Indoor Cycling
Ride Indoor Cycling comes with your monthly EFC membership and there are 2 classes. One is 30 minutes and the other is 60. Come join us in a ride class soon.
Free 7 Day
Anytime you want to experience our facility we will let you try before you buy.  Our goal is for you to be comfortable and get you results!!
Come relax with us on for a yoga class. Our instructors will make you feel right at home and provide you with support you need. All levels welcome!
Free Yoga Class
Locker Room & Showers
You'll love our locker room and showers. Professionally cleaned every night and stocked with all the things you need to get cleaned up and go.
Cardio Machines
Use our state of the art cardio machines to get your body moving and heart pumping. Plus, you never have to wait because we have plenty of equipment.
Expresso Bikes
Enjoy these fun interactive bikes that make the time fly by!! They link together so you can race your buddy or try to beat your ghost. Fun, Fun, Fun!
Functional Training
Do real life movements while strengthening your core with our functional equipment. Use the kettle bells, ropes, cables, bands and more!
Smoothie Bar
Stop by the smoothie bar on your way out to enjoy the finest ingredients available. Choose many different flavors and types of drinks. You're going to love them!
Why use your cell phone data when you can use our FREE WiFi. Just connect to our internet and stream all the music and videos you want.
EFC Rewards Program
Each time you use the club, complete a qualifying event or signing up for a program, you’ll earn points that you can accumulate and redeem for club cash.
Silver Sneakers
The SilverSneakers® Fitness program is an innovative program offered through participating health plans that gives you the freedom to get fit your way!
Vending Machine
We have a cooler for staffed hours and provide vending for after hours. This is stocked with the best fitness products to help you reach your goals!
If you'd like to speak with one of our staff call us at 
508-832-3700 in Auburn or 508-347-3100 in Sturbridge
Everybody's Fitness Center is your 24/7 neighborhood fitness and weight loss center. We are not a place for serious chalk using bodybuilders. Nothing against it but our clientele is looking for something a bit different.

 If you want a place where you can grunt and bang weights, we're not it. But...If you want a place where you can feel comfortable and not be judged, you'll love us. You'll never know until you give us a try so go ahead and request your free trial today.
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