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Have You Heard About the New FDA Registered Medical Device that Increases Blood Flow by 29%...

Let me ask you...
  • Do you have poor circulation?
  • Or trouble sleeping at night?
  • How about Energy? Are you sluggish?
If so, this revolutionary device can help with all that and more. Up until now, it’s only been available in 40 countries outside the US. Recently the FDA, approved it for use in the United States and people are experiencing unbelievable benefits. You really need to experience it to believe it so here's the deal...
Some of the benefits are...
  • Improves circulation
  • Enhances nutrition and oxygen supply
  • Improves sleep
  • Aids in waste disposal
  • Improves cardiac function
  • Increases physical fitness and recovery
  • Improves concentration
  • Supports mental acuity
  • Boosts stress reduction and relaxation
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You'll experience an increase in blood flow by 29% in just one session!
"This device has eliminated the discomfort in my knees, my back and has improved my sleep. I’ve got an overall sense of relaxation every time I use it." - George T.

I can personally testify that the blood flow machine totally changed my life.
I have found a virtual 'Fountain of Youth'. I am now in the best of health ever, both physically and mentally.
I was very ill for several years with a life altering skin problem. For three agonizing years I could not sleep more than a couple of hours at night. I was always anxious and dreaded going to bed at night, because inevitably I'd be awakened by my skin condition. During the day my symptoms constantly annoyed me, and I had no peace of mind.
I went to top specialists in the field, I spent thousands of dollars, not to mention all the time I spent trying to find some relief. I tried many types of therapy: traditional Western modalities, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meditation, with only short lived, minor successes.
I was in total despair and many times lost all hope of ever feeling well again. I could not do my artwork. My relationships suffered. I was a mess, but I struggled on and persevered in hopes of finding something....
In November of 2016 a friend introduced me to the blood flow machine  and after just 3 weeks on the it all my symptoms have completely disappeared. My energy is incredible! My yoga practice is amazing! My mood and concentration is phenomenal. The bedroom is now a joy for me, both to sleep and to have fun (like a 20 year old...if you know what I mean) and on and on.....   -Ted K

I love my Bemer!
What is a Bemer? That's what I asked when I first heard about it. At first I thought of a BMW! Both Heidi & Jason explained to me what it was and how it worked. But I was very skeptical! I didn't try it right away. I started to hear some positive things about it. Members who had been using it were saying how it helped with there discomfort. I also knew of people using it help fight a major immune disorder and were benefiting using this blood flow device. So I decided to give it a try. I had nerve discomfort down my leg. I liked the Tribe Core program, but I was limited in what I could do because of the discomfort. It was difficult to walk one the treadmill or use the elliptical. I was still being skeptical & yet at times thinking I felt something when I was on the blood flow device. Then one day I am coming to EFC and I notice I didn't have any discomfort! It really felt good. It was amazing. You get more benefits if you can use it more than once a day. But I was happy when I made in 3-4 times a week, once a day! The happy news was when my husband saw how well I was doing and not complaining of discomfort. He asked me what I was doing to help the pain, so I told him about this blood flow device. His reaction was, I think you should get one! So that was my Christmas gift! Everyone should at least give it a try to see if it can work for them. I know it will! You are going to be happy you tried it. 
-Bev R

I had heard about the blood flow device and researched the concept as my profession requires much physical arm and wrist strength with a drawback of joint discomfort. I joined EFC to stay physically fit and cardio strong and was happy with my health and well being. Incidentally, I found myself needing corrective eye muscle surgery and post-op desired to boost my healing as much as possible and once again researched the blood flow device. I was totally limited to no physical activity while healing which was difficult for me. One week after surgery I began sessions to increase my circulation as blood flow to the tissues I was certain would increase healing. I am now 8 weeks post op with incredible results after 8 weeks of the blood flow device using it 3 sessions a week. I have noticed multiple benefits with increased circulation. My joint discomfort in my wrists from my occupation is improved with each session as well as a noticeable boost in my overall well being and solid sleep patterns after sessions. I am thankful for this opportunity, Jason and EFC's support and guidance for healthy living. -D

Solid 7 hours of deep sleep leaping out of bed in am. (horrible sleeper prior)
Energy levels off the chart (felt depressed/sluggish/tired all the time prior)
-6th straight day of 45 min cycling bike and weights zero discomfort next day (hadn’t worked out in 6 months-no motivation)
Localized years of discomfort in lower back etc… has  dramatically diminished
Dramatically enhanced mood/motivation -Jason B

We bought one for our house and since we started sleeping on it I definitely feel more energized upon awakening. I don't have that " I'd really rather stay in bed" feeling....even on Monday! And there is no question that we definitely sleep more soundly on the B Body. I don't toss and turn as I used to. My wife and I both feel more energized and healthy. -Bob & Deb G

I have had a nagging back issue that I have been treating thru physical therapy along with a stretching and exercise program. This had been on going for approximately 4 months. I also had a small broken bone in my left foot now going on 6 weeks. I have been using the blood flow machine for about 4 weeks and I can tell you a there has been GREAT improvement in my back. The increase in circulation along with my therapy has my back issue resolved 90%. I feel the increase in blood flow has help with the healing process. I feel it has also helped with my sleep patterns, I seem to wake up more refreshed. - Mike D
I’ve been using the blood flow device for approximately six months at Everybody Fitness in Auburn. I have nothing but positive things say. Having several medical issues involving balance, coordination, circulation, sleeping, memory, muscle weakness, lack of energy and sugar control. I have seen my health improve dramatically for the better. My balance walking, going up and down stairs was poor, now I have no issues. Coordination doing anything was off or slow to resolve, no more. My circulation (heart) according to my doctor now is showing no problem. No dietary or medicine changes. The only change was the using the blood flow device for 8 Minutes every day. I’m sleeping through the night. In the past, my feet were always feeling cold with lots of discomfort, but no longer. Before using the blood flow device, I was having memory recognition issues, now this is gone. I have regained my strength, more energy and my A1c levels have decreased to more acceptable levels.
I would and currently do recommend the blood flow device to everyone young, old, sick, and non-sick. Understanding this not a cure and does not cure any illness. The blood flow device has given me the ability to function and do all the things, I enjoy again. My physicians have seen remarkable improvements in my health and wellbeing. They recommend to continue to use the blood flow device. You need to try this it is fantastic!
-Bill S.

"I had some pain in my left hip from playing basketball with my teenage kids and due to getting up there in age. :-) I went into Everybody's Fitness Center at the request of a friend and used a machine they have called the "Blood flow machine". I'm just gonna say that it is magical. After an 8 minute session, I stood up and the pain in my hip was completely gone. I have no idea how it works but it works. I highly recommend it! - Keith C

"I suffer from bad circulation issues with numbness in my hands and feet. This was the result of my battle and therapies to fight a major immune disorder. The first time I used the Blood Flow machineI experienced improvement. After the first week there was dramatic improvement in the feeling in my hands and feet. In addition I had fewer discomforts. Along with my circulation issues, the blood flow machine has also helped my sleep and breathing so much that I purchased one for my home!" -Karl D.

I have been using this device for a short time and have noticed an improvement in my energy level. I have had discomfort from old injuries and there has been a marked improvement in this discomfort. I generally feel better. I certainly would recommend this treatment to improve overall health. -Paula G

I have been using the blood flow device for over 3 months now and I have really noticed a difference in my recovery and sleep patterns. I have always had discomfort in my hips and legs from years of playing soccer and I have noticed a huge improvement in that area. -Jarrod J

Improved sleep/waking up fully rested
No discomfort after 6+ mile runs (hip for 20 years of running always hurt bad next day)
Lifelong hip discomfort now minimal 
Improved Energy
No longer need afternoon coffee   -Erin B.  

"I injured my Hip in the Marine Corps and have had issues with it for the past two years and since I have been using the blood flow machine I had immediate results. My mobility, stiffness, and pain has been reduced tremendously." - Mike F.

"This device has blown my mind. Seeing people feel better and the smiles on their face after they are done their 8-minute session is the most rewarding thing! As for me my quality of sleep has improved dramatically and my energy levels are through the roof since I started. I have also had no indigestion that requires me to take something for it. I’m loving it" I have had so much success I purchased one for my house so my entire family can benefit.  - Jason C.

"I’ve had problems with my sugar levels for many years and as a result have little or no feeling in my feet. One session and the feeling in my feet improved by 30% and remained that way for hours. This happens after every 8-minute session. Wonderful!" - George L.

"For five years I have had little or no feeling in my right leg. After just one week of user, I have almost all feeling back to that area. Amazing!" - Katie C.

"This has helped alleviate pain discomfort in some existing injuries I had and has increased my energy levels. I feel stronger during my workouts." - Mary C.

"Since I started use I have noticed such a difference in my sleep and my spider veins are noticeably lighter. My knees have never felt better. I had broken my patella when I was young and have scar tissue and limited mobility had been setting in." - Heidi G.

"The first time I used it my results were instantaneous. As someone who has had sugar regulation issues for 23 years, my feet have dead spots where I have no feeling. After just six sessions I am 90% back to normal feeling in my feet. This is beyond amazing." - Bill C
Update: Such great results I purchased one for my home!

"After just two sessions the pain in my shoulder and arms is gone. I track my sleep on my Fitbit and can say sleep has improved as well." - Jen L.
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