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Food Guide

Do you want to eat healthy but have no idea what to eat or where to start?
Discover a Simple System to Eat Healthy Everyday and Never Count Calories Again...
...plus get the resources you need to eat all the right foods and enjoy a constant variety.
"When you get this guide, within minutes you will have access to a simple system for eating healthy with variety, and you don't have to count calories!"
 Jason Cabana - Webster MA
#1. FOOD JOURNAL - You get the exact Food Journal from our Signature Weight Loss program. It includes your simple system for eating healthy all day without counting cals and allows you to chart your progress.

#2. THE 213 FOODS LIST - You also get the complete list of over 200 foods you can safely eat throughout the day. And they are broken down by the proper category and portion size for ease of use.

#3. EVERYBODY'S GUIDE - And finally you will get our special Everybody's Guide to eating healthy without counting calories. It shows you exactly how to use the Journal and the Food List to take control of your health and eat with variety every day.
(you get the daily food journal, the simple food system grid and the list of healthy foods broken down by categories)
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