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The Best Personal Trainers in Auburn & Sturbridge MA

Personal Training Trainers in Auburn and Sturbridge MA

Get access to the best personal trainers in Worcester County

Our Ignite Fitness personal training and coaching programs s are designed to get you moving and more active. Our fitness philosophy is that fitness is movement, and movement is life. We want our members to experience how an improved fitness level can help you in every aspect of your life. 

We use functional personal training philosophies, combined with cutting edge and scientifically backed cardiovascular and strength training protocols to help our members lose inches, gain lean muscle, improve their appearance, and feel great about themselves!

Private One-on-One Personal Training

Your personal trainer will take you through a customized and progressive movement, strength and cardiovascular routine that is based on your specific wants and needs. 

We recommend this option for members looking for a customized personal training program based on their unique fitness level and goals. 

This option is best for those with existing injuries or movement limitations, and first time exercisers who need to develop the basics. Both  half  and full sessions available.

Personal Trainers

2-5 participants work with a personal trainer and are guided through a customized total body routine designed to increase overall strength, balance, flexibility, and improve cardiovascular conditioning. 

This is the best option for those who enjoy working out in a group, but need more individual guidance from a personal trainer.
"The personal training program is amazing.  These people gave me everything I needed."
Keith C
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"I love how friendly and caring the staff at Everybody's Fitness is. I always feel so comfortable when I'm there."
Kristen S - Auburn
"Everybody's Fitness has up to date equipment, friendly people and they keep the place clean. I'm very happy!"
Chuck F - Sturbridge
"I'm sort of a neat freak and I can't stand a dirty anything. I must say, EFC gets my seal of approval. It's always immaculate."
Mark H - Charlton
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