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The Summer Stack Value Package
Save Over $450 With This Incredible Deal
If you're ready to get back in shape and you're the type of person who just has to have it all, this deals for you. We've bundled up our most effective services and called it the Summer Stack!
Here's what you get:
  • 4 Week Membership to EFC (Auburn and/or Sturbridge) - $50 value
  • 8 Personal Coaching Sessions - $350 value
  • 8 Blood-Flow Device Sessions - $240 value
  • 8 FREE Recovery Shakes - $40 value
  • Nutritional Counseling - $99 value
  • 1 Food Journal - $10 value
  • 1 T-Shirt - $15 value
  • Ride, Yoga & Zumba - Included at the club
Let Me Ask You...
  • Are you ready to finally create some new habits in your life and get moving and eat better?
  • Are you nervous about starting at a new gym because you're not sure what to do when you get there?
  • Do you want to get acclimated as quickly as possible with everything going on at your new gym?
If You Answered "Yes" To Any of These Questions, Then You Need this Summer Stack Value Pack.
How Does it Work?
You get everything you need to create new habits over the next 30 days so you can take control of your health and feel amazing again.
STEP 1: We're going to take inventory of where you are now and develop a plan for you to build newer and better habits for your health.
STEP 2: You'll get access to a certified personal fitness coach who will meet with you 8 times over a 30 day period to get you on the right track.
STEP 3: You'll move forward after your initial 30 days here at EFC with the knowledge to continue down the path to health successfully.
By the time you've gone through the first 30 days here at EFC, you'll finally realize what you need to do to maintain good health and have fun at the same time.
So Here's a Detailed Look at What You Get
4 Week Membership to EFC  $50 VALUE
When you sign up for the Summer Stack Value Pack you're gonna start off with a full 1 month membership to EFC. Pick your home location either Sturbridge or Auburn. And you'll get complete 24/7 access to the entire club.
8 Personal Coaching Sessions  $350 VALUE
You're also going to get 8 one hour personal coaching sessions with a certified fitness personal coach. The goal during these sessions is to prepare you for the months and years to come. You'll get the proper understanding of everything.
8 Blood Flow Device Sessions  $240 VALUE
If you haven't heard, we've got a revolutionary product at both EFC locations. It's called the Blood Flow Device and it increases your blood flow by 29% in just an 8 minute session. You'll get 8 free sessions with this deal.
8 FREE Recovery Shakes  $40 VALUE
When you're done working out, it's good to replenish your body. There's nothing sweeter than one of our smooth cold Recovery Shakes. When you sign up for this Summer Stack deal you'll get 8 FREE shakes.
Nutritional Counseling Session  $100 VALUE
Let's face it, what you eat is everything. As we always say, you cannot out exercise a bad diet. When you sign up for this deal, you'll get our 1 hour nutritional counseling program for FREE. This will set you on the right path.
A Food Tracking Journal  $10 VALUE
You're well aware by now that more calories in equals more weight on. Here at EFC so we don't count calories but we do keep track of the foods we eat. So in order to help you keep track of your foods, you'll get a food journal and your coach will show you how to use it.
An EFC T-Shirt $15 VALUE
You'll also get one of our EFC member T-Shirts so you can show the world your new commitment to being healthy. They are comfortable and attractive and you get one free with this deal.
Ride, R30, Yoga & Zumba  ALWAYS FREE
In addition to everything else the club has to offer, you'll also have FREE access to our Ride, Yoga and Zumba classes in Auburn. They're always a great time and they're always free. Just come on in and get moving.
You Get $805 Worth of Value for Only $349
This deal goes away in...
Still Wondering If This Deal Is For You?
This Checklist Should Help...
The Summer Stack Value Package is for you if you're ready to get yourself back in shape without pushing yourself to the limits.
The Summer Stack Value Package is for you if want to be part of a family that will encourage and help you reach your fitness goals.
The Summer Stack Value Package is for you if you're looking for alternative ways of staying in shape besides lifting weights and running on the treadmill.
The Summer Stack Value Package is for you if want to get into the best shape of your life this year and feel better than you have in years.
The Summer Stack Value Package is for you if you've always wanted to workout safely and effectively but had no idea how to do that.
The Summer Stack Value Package is NOT for you if you are not seriously ready to commit to becoming a better version of YOU.
The Summer Stack Value Package is NOT for you if you are just going to sign up and then not follow through with your decision to get in shape.
The Summer Stack Value Package is NOT for you if you think that getting in shape is going to be an easy process and will happen without any effort.
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: What will I get from this deal that I don't have today?
A: You'll get the jump start you need to make real lasting changes in your life that you would not get from just signing up at your local gym.
Q: How many times can I meet with a personal coach?
A: When you grab this deal, you'll get 8 personal coaching sessions over a period of 4 weeks. (so 2 meetings each week)
Q: How does the nutritional counseling work?
A: It works great! You meet with your nutrition coach, get your food journal and to develop a food plan to keep you on track.
Q: What in the world is the 'Blood Flow Device'?
A: The Blood Flow Device is new to the US and has been in Europe for over 18 years. It increases your blood flow by 29% in just 8 minutes. Great for recovery after your workouts!
Q: How fit do I have to be? 
A: Program is customized for each person so beginner to advanced and everything in between. We can work around any limitations. 

Q: What's included in the 4 week membership?
A: Everything you need to get yourself on track to better health. Scroll up to see all the value you get with this package.
Here's what a few of our members had to say...
"I love how friendly and caring the staff at Everybody's Fitness is. I always feel so comfortable when I'm there."
Kristen S - Auburn
"Everybody's Fitness has up to date equipment, friendly people and they keep the place clean. I'm very happy!"
Chuck F - Sturbridge
"I'm sort of a neat freak and I can't stand a dirty anything. I must say, EFC gets my seal of approval. It's always immaculate."
Mark H - Charlton
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